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Our products are developed by multi-disciplinary teams which employ expertise in chemical and processing as well as in the applications of our customers.

Baryte Powder

They offer formulators high whiteness and chemical inertness, making them ideal for powder coatings..

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Barium Sulfate Precipitated

Gemme Fine are bright white, low oil absorption pigment extenders, with excellent, low abrasion gri..

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Modified Barium Sulfate

Gemme Micron products are highly dispersible pigments that are chemically and physically inert, The..

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Filler Mastermatch

集美功能性填充母粒产品和纳米材料于高分子聚合物材料中的混炼分散控制技术是Gemme Corp.业务的核心竞争力之一。

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We offer 1Kg samples for free

We offer one kilogram of samples for free,Please fill in the application form,We will send it as soon as possible.

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GSC aim to develop value enhancing products with properties offering additional benefits to lower formulation costs and improve performance.

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